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My Current Addictions


I just felt like sharing some of the random things I'm super obsessed with right now:

South Africa - I know it's weird to say that I'm addicted to an entire country but South Africa has definitely stolen my heart. I only have a couple more weeks here and just the thought of leaving almost brings me to tears. Hopefully I will be able to return soon because there is so much more here that I would love to explore.

Tropical Fruit Jungle Energy Crunch - I've been eating this almost every morning since I've gotten to South Africa and I still haven't gotten tired of it (in fact, I'm eating some right now). I'm not a huge fan of the granola in the US because I've found that it has tons of added sugar and other things that are definitely not good for you.  This, however, is the perfect blend of oats, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits without being overly sweet. Topped with some yogurt, it makes the perfect breakfast. I'm definitely taking a bag of this home with me...which I will likely consume in a couple of days and then go into withdrawal :(

Pet Rescue Saga - I don't know how this has happened but I've become completely addicted to this game.  It's definitely my go-to time waster whenever I have to wait for anything. I totally went through a Candy Crush Saga phase, but for some reason it didn't get me nearly as bad as this game has. Maybe it's the adorable little animals they stick in there.

Sweets - The fat kid in me deems it official...South African sweets are way better than the ones in the states. All Sorts, Peppermint Crisp, Jelly Tots, Speckled Eggs, Wine Gums...I could go on for a while here :) Dear friends and family, be prepared to receive a pile of sweets in lieu of tacky souvenirs that you don't have any real use for.

Bloglovin - Seriously, how has it taken me so long to discover this?  I know where all my free time will be going. Follow me and I'll follow you back :)

What random things have you been obsessed with? Leave a comment and let me know!

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