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30 Days of Yoga


"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

Since I haven't had the opportunity to go on any real life journey lately, I thought I would share a new personal journey that I have embarked on...my quest to become a yogi.

I'm not really sure where this yoga obsession started. I think it was a combination of starting my own self practice, taking some not so fulfilling yoga classes at my 24 Hour Fitness, becoming fascinated with Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl, and wanting more challenge in my practice. 

After a few weeks of research and procrastination I finally decided on a studio, Yoga Belly. It's motto is "Light on tradition, and heavy on workout." It seemed like it had everything I wanted: a hardcore workout, great teachers, affordable, and located near to me...I was more than correct. 

The first week went something like this: 

Monday: Walked in not knowing what to really expect. As I suspected, my flexibility gave me an advantage but also as I suspected my knowledge of proper alignment is quite lacking. 

Tuesday: Dear god I have never felt this sore. Every time I go from seated to a standing position feels like a huge accomplishment -- I decided to take a rest day to avoid injuring myself.

Wednesday: No yoga but took my Piyo class at 24 Hour. What used to be extremely challenging now feels like a piece of cake.

Thursday: You want me to put my body in whaa position...yeah not gonna happen today. -- Yoga is a really humbling experience when you see what some people are able to do with their bodies. But everyone has their strengths and weaknesses that makes them uniquely you. 

Friday: It's raining and all I want to do is curl up with a hot chocolate yet this yoga bug is scratching. A very sore me went to class...and thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Saturday: Gave my body a well deserved rest.

Sunday: Early(ish) morning class. Am I actually improving a little already? This is starting to feel really relaxing and my muscles aren't screaming at me anymore.

To be continued...

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