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Whale Watching in Monterey Bay


A few weeks ago I was brainstorming cool things to do in Norcal so that my foreign coworkers do at least something whilst in America besides sitting in front of a computer screen coding. Thinking of beachy things I randomly realized that I've never been whale watching.  A quick Google search let me know that it was the beginning grey whale season here.  

I decided to find a place in Monterey since it's only an hour away from my house and was in need of a mini getaway. Since I literally know nothing about whale watching I turned to my trusty Trip Advisor to help me find a company to go with. I finally decided on the Monterey Bay Whale Watch Center since it had great reviews, was reasonably priced, and the trip was supposed to be one of the longest (3 hours). 

All in all the trip was great. We arrived early for our 1:30 trip and had crepes on the wharf. There was a marine biologist on board who was extremely knowledge and had a sense of humor. We saw tons of Risso's dolphins and several grey whales although I must admit I was a little bit preoccupied hiding behind my camera to 100% enjoy the view. 

Tip: Take some anti-motion sickness tablets an hour beforehand (I used Dramamine Less Drowsy). The boat does move around a lot and if you get nauseous from boats like I do (something I learned the hard way) you'll definitely be grateful you did. 

Monterey Bay Whale watch located at the end of the Fisherman's Wharf
A beautiful sunny day in Monterey while the rest of the US is suffering through the Polar Vortex :p
Thar she blows!
Risso's Dolphins! We saw a ton of these playful little guys. 

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