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Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach


This past weekend I went on a quick mother daughter getaway to the Embassy Suites Mandalay Bay in Oxnard. I was kinda dubious about staying here since it was in Oxnard which is kinda out in the middle of nowhere but the hotel itself definitely made up for that.

What I liked:
  • Free breakfast included: Hey it's the most important (and probably most delicious) meal of the day, right?
  • The room: The room was probably one of the best I have stayed in (space wise). There were two separate bathrooms so my mom and I didn't have to fight over whose turn it was, an office area for me to work, and a living space next to the balcony for my mom to relax. 
  • The view: Our ocean view was incredible. It was unobstructed and the Oxnard beach is just beautiful. Made me never want to leave. 
  • The restaurant: The food was pretty good and decently priced considering it was a resort restaurant. What really stood out was the waiters; they were sooo friendly and helpful! But I suppose I would be too if I was in such a beautiful environment all the time. 
What I disliked:
  • Checkin: We arrived at the hotel at about 3:30 p.m. (checkin is at 3 p.m.) but were told that our room wasn't ready yet and that we should walk around the resort grounds and they would give us a call to let us know how long it would be until it was ready. Well, an hour went by and we heard nothing from them. We went to sit in the lobby where the girl who had checked us in could easily see us but she didn't seem to notice we were there. Finally my mom found a manager to talk to who had to physically go see what was happening since housekeeping wasn't answering the phone. Turns out the hotel ran out of sheets (umm how does that even happen?!?) and that the sheets that were supposed to go on our beds were currently in the wash. It wasn't until my mom made it pretty clear that she was very annoyed that the manager offered us free lunch at the hotel restaurant (but hey at least he did offer right).  Once we had some food in us (and a margarita in my mom) we were a lot more relaxed and okay with waiting. We apparently just arrived on a super crazy busy weekend.
  • No cell phone service: Apparently because the city is literally surrounded by farmland there aren't any cell phone towers nearby. The service that my mom (Verizon) and I (T-Mobile) got was spotty at best. 
  • No free wi-fi: This wouldn't have been such a big deal if I had cell phone service because I would had just hotspotted to my laptop. Wi-fi was $10 a day...and it wasn't even per room, only per device. I needed to do work so paying the fee was an unfortunate must. 
All in all I would definitely recommend this hotel to socal residents who are looking for a nice reasonably priced beach getaway that is not too far from home. 

Here are some pics I snapped of the trip:

I love photographing sunsets
View from our room balcony
Cute pup playing in the waves 
Me and my amazing mother 
View of the resort from the beach

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