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Pretoria National Botanical Garden


The Pretoria National Botanical Garden is a relaxing sanctuary within the busy city.  We went there several weeks ago to have a picnic on a Sunday afternoon. A paved nature trail allows you to tour the grounds which showcase a diversity of indigenous fauna and flora. 

This is the nest of a masked weaver who, not so coincidentally, are named after these elaborate nests built of grass and twigs. The males are responsible for building the nests. If the female doesn't like the nest then it will be torn down and he will have to start from scratch. Even in the bird world females are picky! Once the male finally builds a nest that the female approves of (which oftentimes takes a few times) she will move in and start raising a family. The male bird will then go on to attempt to build a nest for another female. 

 Can you see the little guy hiding by the trunk of the tree? It's called a Dassie or Rock Rabbit. They are often mistaken for rodents but strangely enough, the Dassie is thought to be the closest living relative to the African Elephant, whose oldest relatives were a little bigger than a rabbit. This has been deduced from similarities in the structure of their teeth and feet. Even though it seems they got the short end of the evolutionary stick, these guys sure are cute.

Cost: R26 per person

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