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A Hidden Paradise in Dullstroom


A few weekends ago we spent a few days just outside of the quaint city of Dullstroom at Millstream Farm, about two hours from Pretoria. My boyfriend's parents have a timeshare there and invited us to visit for a few days and I'm so glad we decided to come! The farm is known for being a premier trout flyfishing spot, but if you're not into that sort of thing (which my boyfriend and I are not) there is still a plethora of available activities to keep you busy.

The farm is laid out with many cottages scattered amongst the multiple fishing dams. They have cottages that can accommate up to ten people. Our cottage was located at the end of one of the largest dam, perched atop a hill with a beautiful view.

After we got settled in we headed to the reception to make a reservation for horse riding the next day and to grab the oars for boats which can be taken out on the dams. We then headed to the dam for some relaxing time in the boat out in the dam.

The next morning we were up early (for us) for our horseback ride. I am by no means an experienced horseback rider not having been on a horse for about six years so was rather nervous and I'm pretty sure my horse knew it too. Fortunately I was given the slow horse who was rather lazy and was good at just following. Unfortunately this meant that when my boyfriend's horse decided to go galloping off the trail into the bush my horse decided to follow. Holding on for dear life until you can regain control of your horse is definitely an adrenaline rush. Needless to stay my entire body was severely sore for several days.

The rest of our trip was spent relaxing, eating pancakes in town and going on a long walk. I also got to experience seeing a fish that was freshly caught go from being gutted and then being on my plate, which was completely delicious.

Dullstroom is one of the most peaceful places I have been to, a true hidden paradise.

They have a rehabilitation enclosure for grey crowned cranes which are now a threatened species. 

The dam on our last morning. So pretty it looks like a painting. 

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