#tbt Climbing Pyramids in Coba, Mexico


I have another throwback post this week, this time coming from my time spent in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  For those who didn't know, about a year and a half ago I spent several months living in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for work (which is a story for another post). During my time there we went on many weekend excursions including Chichen Itza, Cancun, Xkeken Cenote, and Cozumel. One of my favorites was visiting the ancient ruins of Coba.

One of the things that sets Coba apart from other Mayan Ruins is that it is very spread out and less touristy. At the peak of its civilization Coba was thought to cover over 80 square km, although most of this area remains unexplored. Because it's so spread out there are bicycles that are available to rent so that you can move between the different main areas more quickly (if you're not a fan of bike riding there are also men you can hire to wheel you around in a tricycle). Biking around in the Mexican jungle was magical. Because there not very many tourists you feel as if you are all alone with nothing but the sound of birds, monkeys and the wind whipping across your ears.

The main pyramid in Coba, Ixmoja, is the largest in the Yucatan peninsula and unlike the more popular pyramid in Chichen Itza is still open for the public to climb its steps to the top.

Looking down from the top of the pyramid
Once you do reach the top you are rewarded with a phenomenal view of the surrounding jungle that seems to go on forever.  My coworkers and I decided to take our time to enjoy the view and had a picnic on top of the pyramid.

Panaroma from the top of the pyramid
Getting down was a lot more difficult than going up. You realize how steep the pyramid actually is and how easily you could tumble to your death. I could be found climbing to the rope that had graciously been secured to the top and bottom of the pyramid as I slowly made my way down.  Definitely wear good quality, grippy shoes for this one!

Of course I had to stop for a pose on my way climbing down the pyramid!
If you are ever visiting Cancun or Playa del Carmen I highly recommend you visit Coba. It is located about an hour and a half from Playa del Carmen and there are daily buses that will take you there and back for a small cost. This was one of my favorite excursions I went on during my time in Mexico

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