Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach...Again!


This past week I went on a mini workation back to the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach in Oxnard courtesy of my wonderful mama.  We obviously liked the hotel enough to come here a second time but you can read more about what I thought about it here

Since our trip was during the middle of the week I did have to work but mom and I had an enjoyable time soaking in the ocean views, having snacks and drinks by the pool, walking on the beach, and driving around for a quick tour of the surrounding area. 

Bedroom area
Spacious living room with work and kitchen area and additional bathroom
Oh hai...selfie time!
Absolutely gorgeous sunset 
Life is good

Oh right, I did do work while I was there too...promise!

My mom and I love coming here when we feel the need to get away for a few days and it is the perfect place for families or anyone who is just looking to have a bit of relaxation by the sea.

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