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LA Arts District


I'm currently back in California for a couple months before going back to South Africa and I am determined to soak up as much SoCal summer sunshine as I can (when I'm not glued to the computer working that is) before I go back.

Although I haven't lived in Los Angeles for about three years now it seems that every time I visit the city I fall back in love with it again.  One of my favorite things about LA is its diversity and how after even years of exploring the city you can find new hidden gems. One of these recently discovered gems (for me) is the Arts District, located on the eastern side of Downtown LA.

My dad took me here the other weekend and I quickly became enamored with its quirkiness. The Arts District is known for its street art and let me tell you, there is plenty of it. It's definitely got a very urban warehouse vibe with street art and graffiti covering nearly every building.

Totem pole made out of old tires...because why not

Did I freak out in glee when I spotted this adorable cat graffiti...absolutely!
For dinner we made the quick hop from the arts district to Little Tokyo to eat at Men Oh Tokushima Ramen, which was featured as one of the top ramen shops in LA by LA Weekly. My dad and I both had the Tokushima ramen which is the restaurant's speciality. I don't usually eat pork but I make exceptions for special occasions like this one. 

After our ramen feast we walked over to The Pie Hole to try out their famous pie. We opted to share a slice of the Earl Grey since it seemed the most unique flavor and something I had never tried before. 

If I hadn't just stuffed myself full of ramen I would have wanted to eat one of everything

It was delicious as it looks too. There was a thin layer of chocolate on top of the crust covered with a creamy filling which was not too sweet and had a subtle earl grey tea flavor. Definitely recommend! 

Captured this guy taking in the LA sunset before he poked his head back in

Some sort of political statement...or just someone who felt like tying ties to a pole?

LA friends...where are your favorite hidden gems in the city? Let me know in the comments!

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