Napa Valley Girl's Getaway Weekend


A couple weekends ago I went up to Norcal to visit one of my best friends from college.  If you're reading this Shireen, thanks for having me and for planning the most perfect weekend! 

Growing up my parents always went wine tasting a few times a year in the Santa Ynez Valley and I of course got dragged along, enjoying the wineries that had cats and dogs that I could play with, so I was excited to go wine tasting for the first time myself. 

We went visited three wineries: Jamieson Ranch, Cuvaison Estate Wines, and Artesa Winery (we did not taste any of the wines at the last one, but went mostly for the view). 

Outside of Jamieson Ranch

Long gone are the days when you could go wine tasting and actually taste the wine for free...the premise being that once you get all liquored up you'd be more likely to buy a bottle (or two or three).  Wine tasting in Napa is a bit of the pricey side at about $15-$20 per tasting. Because of that I feel like in order to get the most for your money (unless you're rolling in the dough...which surprise, surprise I am not) you should actually drink the wine you're tasting instead of tasting some and spitting it out or pouring out part of the glass. That being said, after two tastings (at Jamieson and Cuvaison) I was definitely feeling the wine so we decided to take a break to have lunch in Napa. We ate a cute little restaurant called Melted that serves a large variety of grilled cheese on a waffle style sandwiches. 

After all the wine, the food, and not getting much sleep from waking up early (my version of early since I usually work from home) I was pretty exhausted. We made one last stop at Artesa Winery, but decided not to taste any wine here. The view from this winery, however, was spectacular.  It had a large lawn with fountains that overlooked the rolling hills of Napa. 

We were going to stay in the area to have dinner but since we were both so exhausted decided to head back to Mountain View and have a super chilled night in.

I'm clearly an amateur at wine tasting but I had a wonderful first experience of touring the wineries (and actually being able to taste the wine myself) and can't wait for an opportunity to do it again soon.

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