SAB World of Beer Tour


Last weekend we went with a small group of friends to the World of Beer Tour in Johannesburg.  The tour is put on by SAB (South African Breweries), the largest brewing company in South Africa and produces beers including Castle, Miller, Hansa, and Peroni amongst others.

The tour was separated into two parts: the history of beer and the beer making process. The history section starts with how beer was invented by the Egyptians and Mesopotamians about 5000 years ago. It then goes into how beer came into Africa and the cultural role it played in society and touches on the evolution of beer in Europe. Finally we learned how SAB was founded to serve the miners who came into Johannesburg.

Next we were taught about the beer making process. Malted barley and hops are grown and harvested before being combined with water and barley is cultivated and transformed into malt for the brewing process. We were given the chance to taste raw hops pellets (which not surprisingly were extremely bitter and not tasty) and roasted barely (which pleasantly just tasted like seeds you might buy at the market).

The cost of the tour was R75 (about $7 USD), a pretty great deal considering it includes a ~90 min tour, a small beer mid tour, and two beers (or soft drink) of your choice in the tap room after the tour. My boyfriend pointed out that the tour is basically a giant advertisement for SAB beers which very well may be true, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

You get to keep the glass!

Display of miners in Joburg working hard before having a cold beer after work

Old truck which used to deliver Castle beers

Cross section of a barley grain magnetized x200
Roasted barely grains


After enjoying some beers in the tap room we went to Johannesburg's "Little India" for dinner before heading over to our main event for the night, the season finals of the Johannesburg roller derby league.  We've been frequenting games every since our coworker introduced them to us. We had a great time watching women smash into each other, but afterwards we headed straight home, exhausted from our long day out. 

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