Hanging Out With Penguins At Boulder's Bay


If you're an animal lover like me then visiting the penguins at Boulder's Bay in Simon Town is a must while in Cape Town. This was the first excursion we went on during our trip since it had been on my list of "must do's" since I had started planning.

Boulder's Bay is about an hour's drive from Cape Town and is home to a colony of a little over 2,000 African Penguins, which are now classified as an endangered species.  The colony started in 1982 from just two breeding pairs and had grown to over 3,000 penguins. That number has since declined as a result of things like habitat destruction, over fishing, and irresponsible tourism activity.

*Fun fact: The penguins used to be called Jackass Penguins due to the vocalizations they make that sound almost exactly like a donkey. They were renamed to African Penguins because another species of penguin in South America make a similar noise.

For R55 you can enter Foxy Beach which has a wooden boardwalk that takes you to within a few meters of the penguins.  I was a bit worried that since it was a bit chilly and overcast that the penguins wouldn't be as active, but this definitely was not the case. Watching the penguins play in the water and run around on the sand is a hoot. I could've stayed there all day watching them.

There is a boardwalk connecting Foxy Beach to Boulder's Beach. On the boardwalk you can easily get face to face with the penguins who are clearly used to humans and will venture right up to the fence. Careful though because they will bite! Access to Boulder's Beach is included with your entrance fee to Foxy Beach. Here you are allowed to swim in the ocean (when it's not freezing) and hang out on the beach. The penguins often venture over onto this beach, but unfortunately there were none around when we were there.

Tip: Get there a little bit earlier if you want more "alone time" with the penguins. We arrived there sometime between 9 and 10 a.m. (on a Thursday) and it was relatively empty. After about an hour our so the beach started filling up with tourists.

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