Oranjezicht City Farm Farmers Market


I love markets, so I was super stoked when I learned that there was a weekly Saturday market just a ten minute walk from where we were staying in Cape Town. The market at Oranjezicht City Farm, located near the City Bowl, is held every Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.

What's really neat about the farm is its mission.  The Oranjezicht City Farm is a neighborhood community farm which aims to celebrate local food, culture and community through urban agriculture. They want to bring adults and younger people together in order to create small-scale food production as well as improve under utilized public green spaces and increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Love it! Visitors are free to walk around the farm and see some of the farmers at work.

I didn't get any photos of the actual market (bad blogger!) because the section with all the food stalls was honestly a bit overwhelming for me and I was mostly focused on navigating between the aisles of food without running into anyone.  The food stalls were under two large tents which made it a lot more constricted. I prefer markets with more of an open plan, but it's understandable that they have to do it this way since Cape Town weather is extremely unpredictable (It went from rainy to sunny back to rainy in the hour or so that we were there).

Either way it was really nice to get outside on a Saturday morning and eat something other than restaurant food. The market is very diverse and caters to people of all dietary restrictions including vegans and vegetarians, raw foodies, and those who want wheat, gluten, sugar and dairy-free alternatives.

 Cape Town has an abundance of markets. Visit http://capemarkets.co.za/ to check them out!

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