Wine Tasting in Stellenbosch


My boyfriend is a computer programmer, and a pretty darn good one at that. He is actually writing his own programming language, a venture he's been working on for several years. Basically he's a genius (but of course I'm a bit biased).  That being said, a professor who has been helping him work out his ideas for years although they've never met in person works at the University of Stellenbosch. Since we were in Cape Town, about an hour away from Stellenbosch, they made plans to finally meet. I of course decided that this was the perfect opportunity to go wine tasting. 

We visited two wineries: Kanonkop and Thelema, which had been recommended to us. Both were great, but I would definitely recommend Thelema for its amazing views of the mountains in the background. We were also recommended the wineries Dornier, ClosMalverne and Stark-Conde but since we did not visit these I cannot personally recommend them. The Stellenbosch region has over 200 wineries so you definitely will not be at a loss for choice.

Having recently gone wine tasting in Napa Valley I found myself frequently comparing Stellenbosch to my experience there. First off wine tasting in Stellenbosch is much more affordable than in Napa Valley. In Napa a wine tasting will cost you $15-$20, something I found a bit crazy when I visited.  Stellenbosch (based off of the wineries I visited), on the other hand, only cost around R10-R25 (around one to two dollars) for a tasting.  Also, the scenery in Napa has some tough competition. The mountains that surround Stellenbosch are stunning. We even stopped randomly on the side of the road to eat our sandwiches we brought with us so that we could have a meal with a view.

After getting all liquored up (with most of the liquor going into me since my boyfriend was driving) we drove into town to meet the professor friend who was having a after work get together with some other professors from his department. We got there a little bit early so we had a chance to walk around the town a tiny bit. Stellenbosch is lovely and has a nice college town vibe which reminded me a bit of my own college town of Westwood. At the end of our visit at the university it started raining, which we took as a sign that it was time to drive back to Cape Town. 

If you're a fan of wine tasting and staying in Cape Town a visit to Stellenbosch makes a perfect day trip. 

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