Cape Agulhas: The Southern Most Tip of Africa


Woohoo, I can officially say I've made it to the southern most tip of Africa! Cape Agulhas is the geographic southern tip of Africa and the official dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

We stayed in the town right next to Agulhas, Struisbaai at a place called Cape Agulhas Backpackers. A couple of things I need to stay first. #1...please go stay here. #2...take the number of days you plan to stay here and automatically add another day.

I didn't get any good photos of the place because I was too busy playing pool, drinking beer and taking in the place's vibe, but just trust me on this one.  This place had one of the most chilled out and relaxed vibes of any of the places I've ever stayed. After checking in we were told that they were braiing for a group and that we were welcome to join. We were lead into the main living space which had tons of tables, chairs, a couple couches, bar and ping pong table. The bright red walls were covered with tags from people all of the world who have stayed there. It's the kind of place where you just immediately feel at home.

Cape Agulhas Backpackers is a combination hostel/guesthouse. The guesthouse (where we stayed)  is located in the back of the property in a very quiet area so you definitely don't need to worry about being disturbed by rowdy backpackers while you're trying to sleep.  We got a room with a bath en suite for R450 per night. The room was very lovely and decorated very simply, but nicely.  The only negative thing about the room was that there was no door or covering to the bathroom, just a doorway. So prepare to get to know whoever you are rooming with very well.

There is no WiFi in the rooms, but it is free in the common room area. Breakfast is not included, but is available for a small cost. 

An intervention needs to be held for Lava's severe pool addiction. Many a pool game was interrupted when Lava snatched up a pool ball as it crossed his path.

This is Poppy. The resident 15 year old parrot. Her favorite past times include whistling, saying "Hello Poppy!", listening to music, eating peanuts, and receiving neck scratches. 

To get to the official southern most tip drive through Struisbaai and past the down of Agulhas. You'll eventually get to a dirt road with a sign directing you to the most southern tip. 

Being a weirdo pretending to be one of the snails on the rocks

There were tons and tons of snails attached to the rocks
Lots of fishy action going on in the tide pools
Out of nowhere a seal appeared! He spent some time sunning on the rocks before heading back into the ocean. 

Senor Seagull and his buddies

As for the town of Struisbaai itself, there really isn't much there. It was founded as a fishing village due to its beautiful natural harbor. Some development has taken place, but it is still relatively untouched.

The water around the harbor is absolutely stunning

Struisbaai has one of the longest stretches of white sandy beaches in the southern hemisphere. I was definitely hoping to get some lazy, lay in the sun, beach time in while in Struisbaai. It was painfully windy while we were there (as in the wind was so strong that it actually caused my ears to hurt).  That wasn't the worst part of the beach though. I started noticing these blue inflated creatures that looked like they had washed up onto the shore. I pointed them out to my boyfriend who said he had never seen them before, but they might be blou blasies. He said he was always warned as a kid "don't step on the blou blasies!"even though he never actually encountered them in person. Back at the backpackers we researched these things and learned that they are called blue bottles (blou blasie translates to 'blue bottles') and that they do indeed deliver a very painful sting. Research much later at home taught me that they are the same thing as Portuguese man o' war which I had heard stories from my dad about how his dad got stung pretty badly from these. Some places actually shut down the beach when they are spotted but in Struisbaai people were casually walking along the beach and swimming with hundreds, maybe thousands of these things just hanging around them. That's Africa for you!

The area all around the southern tip of Africa is scattered with shipwrecks, victims of the strong winds and currents. If you keep driving on the dirt road past the most southern tip you'll find one of these shipwrecks. We went at sunset per the recommendation of someone at the backpackers. 

Cape Agulhas and Struisbaai are a little bit out of the way from some of the other attractions in the Western Cape, but we were very glad we took the time to drive out there. 

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  1. fantastic! you're making me miss SA!

  2. I hope you get a chance to visit again! It's crazy how much SA has grown close to my heart over the past year. Such a beautiful country!